I love makeup! I feel like its a way for me to express myself, but makeup is so expensive. Which is why I love ipsy, ipsy is only ten dollars a month and you get a bag full of 4-5 sample sized products. This month’s theme was Floral Fantasy, which with the products I got I don’t understand the theme.

In this bag I got the Coolway hair oil, NYX Butter lipstick, Pixi by Petra eye shadow in Apricot Glow, Crown brush in C224 Oval Concealer, and a Chello highlighter.


I have tried everything and my favorite product in the bag would have to be the Pixi by Petra eye shadow. I love this because the eye shadow is smooth and buttery and has minimal to no fallout. I really loved the Crown brush too, it was soft and easy to use. Although I don’t use it for concealer I use it for eye shadow because it works better for me that way.


I also love the Coolway hair oil, even though I’ve never heard of the brand before it made my hair feel soft and silky.


The NYX butter lipstick was very creamy and moisturizing, the only thing I didn’t like about it was the color. It just wasn’t a color that I liked on my skin tone.


The last thing in my bag was the Chello highlighter, which I hated. It was creamy but didn’t blend at all, so when I used it, you could see all the lines.


That was all I had in my ipsy bag this month. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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