Okay, so I love makeup just as much as the next girl, but how much should we pay for makeup? This weekend I went shopping, and stopped by the Bobbi Brown counter, and I was persuaded into buying a lipstick. A lipstick that cost me almost 30 dollars! If it weren’t for the women’s selling skills I probably would still have 30 dollars. Although after saying all of this, the lipstick was amazing.

amiablecharm 017

I got the color Sandwash, a beautiful rose color with a pink undertone.

amiablecharm 016

This lipstick was soft, smooth and buttery, but to me it really wasn’t worth $30 especially when I can just get a M.A.C. lipstick for almost half the price. The only thing that would make it worth $30 would be the brand name.

amiablecharm 014

The next time I go I will make sure to not let the sales lady entice me into buying a lipstick that I really don’t need.

6 thoughts on “Makeup

      1. Lol! I find it opens my eyes to all of the new and beautiful products out there. I’ve just written a post about Charlotte Tilbury, I’m absolutely in love with her range of lipsticks.xx

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