Whenever I hear the word spring there are only two things I think of. One, warmer weather and two, nail polish. I’m not sure about you, but I love painting my nails, especially in the spring.  That’s when all the bright and fun colors come out.

amiablecharm 022

The nail polishes I get are mostly from the drugstore because I don’t need to spend a lot of money on nail polish, and I usually like to change the color every week or so. Because I love painting my nails so much I thought I would give some tips to you readers

1. make sure to have nail polish remover close by because you never know when your gonna need it.

IMG_0575amiable charm 007

2. Use nail buffers, files, and trimmers. Take care of your nails and don’t bite them.


3. try to pick colors that you’re going to use more than once, because otherwise you wasted your money.


I personally do number three the most, I will usually buy something too bright, or something I think is cool at the time like, color changing nail polish or scented nail polish.

I could give you guys more tips, but this post would turn into a book about nail polish, which in my opinion could get boring. Anyway I hope this helped some of you.

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