Whenever I get new makeup I hear angels sing, I get butterflies in my stomach, and I cry tears of joy! Okay not really, but one of my favorite makeup companies is M.A.C. Even if you don’t know much about makeup I’m almost positive you’ve heard about M.A.C. especially their lipsticks. There’s a reason for that, M.A.C. Makes some of the most amazing lipsticks on this planet with so many colors and finishes to choose from.

IMG_0611 IMG_0624IMG_0607

These are some of my favorite spring/everyday M.A.C. lipsticks in the colors creme cup with a cremesheen finish, fleur d’ coral (limited edition sorry) with a lustre finish, angel with a frost finish, and last peach blossom in a cremesheen finish.


This first lipstick is creme cup. It’s a pink lipstick with a light blue undertone. This is my all time favorite M.A.C. lipstick, it’s my go-to lipstick because it’s very wearable and suits my skin tone well.


The next lipstick I love from M.A.C. is unfortunately limited edition, fleur d’ coral. It’s on ebay if you’re interested, and it’s a super orange-coral shade.


This lipstick is another one of my all time favorites, angel. It’s a soft pink extremely similar to creme cup, so if you just want one M.A.C. lipstick for everyday, I would pick this one or creme cup.


The last lipstick I have for you guys is Peach Blossom, which looks similar in the tube to creme cup and angel but it’s not. Peach Blossom is, believe it or not, a peachy pink shade. Peach Blossom is another lipstick that is wearable everyday.

If you want to try M.A.C lipstick but don’t want to commit to the price, or just want to get it cheaper definitely look on ebay.

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