Bohemian Vibe!

so lately I have fallen in love with bohemian style clothing,accessories, and anything along those lines. Personally I think this year that boho-chic is gonna be the new “it”. So I decided to give you guys a little blog about what I’m gonna be wearing this spring/summer.


The first thing I’m going to strut my stuff in is a super easy outfit. All it is, is an aztec style shirt from Lucky Brand and a pair of white shorts from American Eagle.


The next outfit has a shirt from Marshall’s which has an aztec print on it, with the same pair of shorts, and a gold necklace from Forever 21.


If you like the Bohemian style but you want something really basic (no print on shirt, pants, etc.) these next few outfits are for you. The one above is a plain blue flowy top I got from Marshall’s, with the same white shorts as before, and a long silver bohemian style necklace from Forever 21.


These next two outfits are the same just with a different necklace. They both are a plain white t-shirt with jean shorts I got from American Eagle. The outfit on the right has a small necklace from the Loft ( Anne Taylor Loft, if you want the full name), and the one on the right is a necklace from Charming Charlies.


This last outfit has a shirt from Khol’s with a little aztec design on the shoulders, with blue jean shorts rolled at the bottom from American Eagle, and a cross shoulder brown purse from Target.

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