This palette is The Balm!

If you read my Ipsy blog post from not too long ago, you know how much I loved the eye shadow I got from The Balm.


This eye shadow was so smooth and beautiful I decided to check out some more products, specifically their eye shadows, so I got their “Nude‘tude” eye shadow palette.


This palette comes with 12 eye shadows and a shadow/liner brush. The eye shadows are really creamy and smooth, almost buttery. Although some of the eye shadows were not as pigmented as the other eye shadows, and some of them were a very similar shade to others in the palette.


The first four eye shadows in the palette were Snobby, Sassy, Stand-offish, and Stubborn. These four are probably my favorite in the palette because they were pigmented, and they are different shades from what I normally wear.

IMG_0653 IMG_0652

The next four eye shadows look very similar in color in the palette, but when their swatched they look very different. From top to bottom the eye shadows are Snobby, Sassy, Show-offish, and Stubborn.

IMG_0648 IMG_0654

From top to bottom the eye shadows are Sultry, Selfish, Seductive, and Sophisticated
From top to bottom the eye shadows are Sultry, Selfish, Seductive, and Sophisticated

These eye shadows are pigmented, but not as much as the first four. Sophisticated and Sultry are definitely more opaque than the other two, but they’re not so opaque that you can’t use them.


The last four colors in the palette disappointed me because I thought they were  going to be my favorite. The problem with these eye shadows is that they are very opaque. Especially Sexy which I was disappointed in because it looked like it was going to be a gorgeous maroon shade, but it was too opaque. And Serious could seriously use some more pigmentation.

IMG_0656 IMG_0657

The shades from top to bottom are Silly, Sexy, Sleek, and Serious.

So I have a question for whoever is reading this. Would any of my fellow blog lovers, love to see a lip-swatch week? What I would do is everyday for a week post a blog post about one of my favorite lipsticks and show a picture of what it looks like on my lips. If you are or aren’t interested please leave a comment telling me if you would like it or not. Thanks!

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