Liebster Award!

I just wanted to thank Filipino InsideOut for nominating me for this award. Make sure you check out her blog its really cool, and she’s so nice!


You all know The Rules of the Liebster Award:

  • Each nominee must have under 1000 followers
  • Thank and link the nominating blog
  • Answer their 10 questions and propose 10 new ones for your nominees
  • Nominate 10 blogs and tell them they have been nominated (spread the love)
  • Write a post including all of the above and include the rules in the post

My Questions:

  1. What is your favorite season of the year?
    If you have been keeping up with my blog posts you know that my favorite season is spring. I love spring because of not only the makeup but also all the flowers start to bloom which is such a beautiful sight to see.
  2. Have you ever been in love?
    I don’t know if I’ve ever been in love, but more like blinded by it.
  3. How did you come up with your blog name?
    Well, amiable means friendly, sociable and charm means a power of pleasing or attracting, as through personality or beauty… so basically I just put two random words together.
  4. What is your favorite drugstore beauty product?
    My favorite drugstore beauty product would have to be by Maybelline, and it’s their BB cream. The finish of it is flawless, and in my opinion, I personally like it better than most high-end BB creams
  5. Do you have pets?
    I wish! I have wanted a dog since I was a little girl, but I’m just not responsible enough to take care of one.
  6. What is your favorite subject in school?
    My favorite subject in school was either math or this extra curricular class my school offered called visual communications (vis. com for short). If you’re unsure what vis. com is, it’s basically screen printing and photography.
  7. What made you start blogging?
    Well I lost a lot of confidence over this year to the point where I became depressed, so I decided that to regain some of it I would start “small” with this blog.
  8. Who motivates you to achieve your goals in life?
    God, I know it may seem weird or cheesy but even in those times where no one else is there and I need someone to help me he’s always there
  9.  What do you want to do for a living?
    I really want to be a teacher because I love kids and I believe education is important for them to succeed in life.
  10. What are your makeup must-haves?
    I have three makeup must-haves; 1. Nude’tude eye shadow palette by the Balm, 2. Naked Basics 2 (the second of the two), 3. my M.A.C lipstick in the shade peach blossom.

My questions for my nominees:

  1. What are you planning to do over the summer?
  2. Who’s your celebrity crush?
  3. What do you think is going to be the new fashion trend in 2016?
  4. What’s your everyday look?
  5. What is your favorite singer/band?
  6. Is there anything you want to tell your readers that you’re going to tell your kids/grandchildren when/if you have any? (funny stories, life lessons, etc.)
  7. What is your favorite high-end makeup product?
  8. Who inspires you?
  9. If you could have any makeup artist (Bobbi Brown, Kat Von D, Josie Maran, etc.) do your makeup, who would you want to do it?
  10. What is the your all-time favorite foundation?

My nominees (in no particular order):

  1. Polka Dot Tea Pot
  3. Daff Diaries
  4. Living Disrobed
  5. Zoe Beauty Blog
  6. Beauty By Izzy
  7. The Rose Beauty Files
  8. Darly – Lifestyle Blog
  9. Brandykins
  10. Lucieleannexo

I’m SO SORRY that I have not been posting very much lately, and I probably still won’t be able to post as much at the moment because I have finals coming up so it’s been taking up all of my time. I hope you can forgive me!

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