Foundation or BB cream?

I just wanted to start out this blog by saying sorry! If you read my last post you know I haven’t and won’t be posting as often for a little while, because I have finals coming up and obviously need a good grade. Anyway… let’s get on with the post.

I have been having a very serious, very intense, and very hard time answering one question…
What do you prefer BB cream or foundation?

You might be thinking, okay… so what’s the big deal? Why is it such a hard decision? Well let me put it to you this way, pretend you’re in Sephora and you really want a lipstick, but you can only get one. What would you choose? Not only are there so many to choose from but you want every single color! you want purple, pink, red , nude. Anything you can get your hands on you want. That’s the problem I’m having with BB cream and foundation, or at least kind of.


Lately I have been trying to find a really good foundation and BB cream, but its really hard! The ones I have most recently purchased and wanted to show you guys were both of Maybelline’s BB creams and the Revlon colorstay foundation.


The BB creams, I am in love with! they go on easy (but you have to use your fingers) and they have a flawless finish. the only bad thing with them, and BB creams in general is that they don’t last very long and you have to reapply them (usually once is good) if you are oily, but if not you’ll love these.


Now onto this foundation, I’m beyond disappointed with this foundation. Almost every YouTuber has raved about this being the best drugstore foundation, but in reality it’s crap. Yes there are so many shades in the range, yes it’s easy to blend out, but there are two major things I hate about this product that cannot be overlooked. 1. I’m not sure if this happens with everyone who has used this, but the color does not match my skin. I swatched it on the back of my hand and it looked perfect but on my face it was WAY too light. I looked like a ghost it was so bad! and the next shade in the range was way too dark for my skin tone. and 2. The finish of this foundation was horrible! it was dry and flaky, it was just not a foundation meant for me.

 IMG_0013 IMG_0014IMG_0010

But overall what do I prefer? well it all depends on a few things what time of year is it? Where am I going? What am I doing? What other makeup am I wearing? Typically though I like to wear something lighter on my face, so I’m going to have to go with BB cream.

3 thoughts on “Foundation or BB cream?

  1. Love the post, found it really helpful! I tend to stick to foundation rather than BB cream as like you said it doesn’t stay on for long and I have quite oily skin. Also despite the fact I’m not prone to spots or red patches I like to have a thick coverage and I find BB Cream just doesn’t do this for me. What’s your favourite foundation? Xoxo

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