get naked. get dirty. get rough. get clean.

Stop thinking so dirty! That’s probably my favorite slogan of all time, but that’s besides the point. So lately I have been struggling with some really bad acne. The question is who doesn’t struggle with acne? Not me anymore! Thanks to the help of this life saving scrub I no longer struggle with acne.


Let’s be Frank, this scrub is amazing! I have only been using it for a few weeks and I already see improvements in my skin.


This scrub comes with a card explaining what’s in your scrub and how to use it. It also has a bunch of really punny jokes.


It comes in the mail like this and is chalk full of their product, which is a coffee scrub combined with different ingredients such as vitamins and minerals, and almond oil, or at least that’s what’s in mine. They also have different bags for different skin conditions.


Although this scrub is absolutely amazing, there is one major downside to this product… it always makes a HUGE mess! When you open the bag some coffee falls out as you can see in the picture. So try putting this on your face and washing it off without making a mess. But in the end it’s totally worth the soft, smooth, acne-free skin.



7 thoughts on “get naked. get dirty. get rough. get clean.

  1. I have been using coffee scrubs for a while. It’s indeed a huge mess but I love the scent that it left in my bathroom. Extremely addictive 😀 Btw, I think using salt is much cleaner and also as effective as coffee. Have you ever tried salt before? 😀

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