May Ipsy Glam Bag!

Every month is Christmas for me! If you don’t know by now (which you should) Ipsy is a monthly subscription that costs $10 each month. Also if you didn’t know, every month has a different theme to it, and this month’s theme is Jet Setter. I have been loving ipsy so much, and this months bag is so stinking cute!

IMG_0057 IMG_0058

I’m not sure if I showed you guys in my other posts how it comes in the mail, but it comes in the cutest packaging! Anyway, onto what you’re really looking for.


How cute is this bag? I give props to ipsy with how creative they are (VIP; Very Important Products). It feels very well made and it has a pink inside. I actually think this is the cutest bag ipsy has ever had. Now let’s get onto what’s in the bag!

IMG_0087 (2)

As you can see ipsy kind of covers all aspects of beauty, or at least tries to. It ranges anywhere from hair care, to makeup, or skin care. The bags usually hold about 4-5 beauty items in them.


The first item I pulled out of my bag is a sample of the Urban Decay clear lip liner along with two samples of their new high-color lip gloss.

IMG_0066IMG_0068 IMG_0069IMG_0070

The lip gloss it came with are failbait and bittersweet. Which are a bright rosey-pink gloss (on the left) and a bright vampy purple (on the right). I also combined them and they made this really cool magenta-maroon, almost raspberry shade (pic on right).


The next item I got in my ipsy bag was this Caviar CC Hair Cream by Alterna, which I love! I have extremely frizzy hair and I have a really hard time controlling it sometimes. This stuff, when I got it I was like “another hair product, it’s not gonna work on me” but boy was wrong! I put this stuff on and then I straightened my hair, and usually my hair is just as frizzy after straightening it, but my hair was smooth, straight, and almost silky.


The next item in my ipsy bag was this bronzer by pixi by petra. I really didn’t like this bronzer at all to be honest. The pigmentation is amazing, it’s smooth, and creamy. So it’s really nice texture wise, but when you swatch it, it’s really shimmery almost like an eye shadow and a little on the orange side; which is probably what I will use is as just because. for me. it’s way too shimmery to be a bronzer.


Another item I received in this month’s bag was this facial cleanser by Peter Lamas. I think this is a nice cleanser, nothing really special to it, but it’s nice and I’ll probably use it all up. It also smells really amazing almost like pumpkin and mint.

IMG_0074 IMG_0075IMG_0082

Last, but certainly not least, is this black gel eyeliner by bellapierre. I’m in love! It’s super pigmented, and it stays all day and even longer. In fact, I put on the swatch on yesterday and it is still stuck on my hand today!

IMG_0083  IMG_0084IMG_0085

So overall this bag was pretty amazing the only thing I probably won’t use is the bronzer, but I might give it a go. And as usual I wanted to share what the card said because I thought it was really cute. It says “Buckle up buttercup. We’ll bring the beauty essentials, and you bring the flair. Celeb status or not, we’re flying first class to fabulous, and the sky’s the limit. Jet lag is for amateurs.”

Let me know if you guys want me to sign up for more beauty boxes, and if so, which ones I should sign up for.

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