I’ve heard many good things about Stila, so when I saw it on Hautelook I decided to try one of the products that were on there. Now I don’t know if I got a bad one, or if there was a reason this palette was on sale, but it just wasn’t good at all.


I got the palette “sweet in san francisco.” This palette comes with four eye shadows and a lip/cheek cream. The palette itself is nice. Its sleek and small; good for traveling, and its really cute. Its everything else that’s the problem.


The thing that really annoys me about this palette is I paid $10 plus $6 for shipping. I was willing to pay that because it looked like a palette that was good for traveling and since I heard such good things about their products I thought I would give it a go. the eye shadows (from left to right) are nob hill, wharl, golden gate, and trolley.


Nob hill and golden gate are the best out of this palette because they are pigmented and are easy to blend, but in saying that they have a ridiculous amount of fallout. Wharl is the next best because its pigmented but it doesnt blend well at all. Trolley was a huge disappointment because it was chalky, had glitter but none of it stayed on and its not that pigmented.


The lip/cheek cream wasn’t aweful, its wearable, but it’s really thick. Which makes it hard to work with, putting it on your cheeks isn’t a good idea because it get weird and cracks and splits apart. Although on your lips its not too bad, its just really thick.

I give this palette maybe 1 out of 5. To put it simply it was horrible. Maybe I just tried one of their worst products? I’m not sure, if you love Stila let me know if there is something I have to try that won’t disappoint me. Otherwise I don’t think I am going to buy anything from them again any time soon.

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