Drugstore Foundation Heaven?

So who here is still looking for the absolute package, 5 out of 5 stars foundation, aka the drugstore version of the Giorgio Armani foundation? Well I am still looking and waiting for it too so if you see it let me know, but I found a close second-ish. I found the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind The Lifter. Now This foundation, I’ll give you a spoiler, is okay. Its not blow-your-socks-off, or  oh-my-gosh-its-amazing-and-at-the-drugstore. Although its also not the ew-never-again, or the how-dare-they-even-try-to-sell-me-this, kind of foundation.


When I went looking for a foundation I was looking for one like a BB cream, but with just the slightest bit more coverage and have it last longer than a BB cream. It does have more coverage however it doesn’t last very long at all, prabably 4-5 hours max. It lasts the same amount of time as my BB cream so that was a little disappointing. Although the packaging is so cool I give maybelline points for that, I love how the foundation “spirals” out.

IMG_0146  IMG_0147IMG_0149

As you might be able to tell by the pictures the foundation is the slightest bit orange, which I really like. The orange counter acts with any blue in your skin, and so under my eyes it already looks nice then when I put concealer over top of it, it just makes it that much better. However, you can’t tell at all on your skin that it has an orange undertone, it just looks normal. Another thing I didn’t like about the foundation was the finish, it was matte and I prefer more of a demi-matte finish.


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