Natural Eyes Dupe?

So as most of you know I was in Canada for a little while, and while I was there I of course had to pick up some goodies! One of the goodies I picked up was this palette called Natural eyes from hard candy, mostly because it looked like an exact dupe for the Natural eyes palette from Too Faced.

natural eyes dupe

Honestly I’m so glad I picked this up! I heard about it from one of my favorite YouTubers Jambeauty89 AKA Jessica Murphy… who just got married so I guess it’s actually Jessica Braun now. She is so amazing and always gives her honest opinion even if she is a sponsor for someone. Whenever she says she loves something I always end up loving it too, so make sure to go check her out! Anyway, let’s get onto this palette.


My main focus is going to be on the dupe/less expensive palette. Can I just ask how ironic it is that they are both called Natural eyes, AND the eyeshadows and packaging look almost exactly alike? I looked into this to see if Hard Candy was owned by Too Faced, but I found nothing (thanks a lot google)! These eyeshadows, for being in the drugstore, are fantastic!


Sorry if you can’t see the swatches so well, lately it’s been gloomy here. These eyeshadows are really nice, they go on smoothly, blend nicely, and have pretty good pigmentation. The only bad thing I have to say about them is that they don’t seem to last very long, at least on my eyes. They also have quite a bit of fallout so just make sure that if you buy this to really tap off your brush before applying it.


This palette also came with a black eyeliner which I really liked. It was creamy and went on smoothly, but it doesn’t last at all on the waterline. Another thing it came with was a primer which I didn’t like because it was orange and I felt it didn’t really make my eyeshadow last longer.

I would give this drugstore palette an 8/10 because the eyeshadows were soft, smooth, and blended nicely, but some aren’t as pigmented as others. Also because there was a lot of fallout. However, I still highly recommend this product if you want something similar to the Too Faced palette, but would rather spend $8 than $36. I still think the Too Faced one is slightly better, but this is definitely a close second.


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