Mascara Worth a Million?

I have been on the search for the best mascara for what feels like forever! As I was watching YouTube, like the lazy American I am, I saw this one mascara Zoella was loving so blah blah blah I bought it. I regret this decision.


The packaging is stunning, which is why I had one of those I-need-this-product-in-my-life moments. The mascara is Voluminous Million Lashes by L’Oréal. I personally like my lashes to look a certain way which is long, but natural looking and this mascara did a pretty good job at that. However, there’s something about this mascara that I hate.


I can’t stand the formula of this mascara it clumps, and the mascara has fallout. I didn’t even know a mascara could do that! It was also really hard to get the mascara to stick to my eyelashes and when I did they looked really spidery. I know some people like that look, but on me it just doesn’t work.


Although I gave this product crap it also has stuff I actually like about it. For example the wand is amazing. It really grips the lashes and keeps them more separate than the formula does. Also it bends which I like when mascara wands do that, but I know a lot of people don’t. Other than the wand and the packaging this product was just not meant for me.

this product has beautiful packaging and the wand is amazing. However, L’Oréal really needs to work on the formula. It’s clumpy and has fallout, but if they fixed those two things I would’ve loved this mascara. Although since they didn’t I give this product a 5.5/10.


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