Boscia BB Cream Bronze First Impression

I don’t know about you, but when its summer BB creams are my life. Then when I received this in the mail for review I was so excited I wanted to write a review about it immediately. So here are my first impressions on this product.


Other than the packaging of this product being adorable, unfortunately I was not all that impressed with this BB cream. Unlike other BB creams that I have tried, this one doesn’t feel all that greasy on the skin. Unfortunately that’s about all I like about this BB cream.


As you can probably can see when you squeeze it out it looks way too dark for my skin, but once you spread it around it’s still a little dark just not as bad. Other than that there is a lot of glitter in this product which just falls out. Although I’m glad it does because the glitter made me look like a disco ball! I have tried it as an illuminator for under my foundation and I really liked how it looked, so I’ll probably just use it for that purpose. I will keep trying it out and keep you guys updated just in case my opinions change.

I like the formula of this product, but I don’t like how it has so much glitter in it and is a little dark for my skin. Although I do like using it as an illuminating primer sort of thing so because of that I’ll give this BB cream by Boscia an 8.5/10.


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