Ipsy Bag Favorites

Everyone who loves Ipsy please raise your hand! Ipsy bags are something I look forward to every month, and I know a lot of other people do too. Although what I don’t see is people talking about what their favorite products were from their Ipsy bag. So I thought why not give it a go!


Let’s start with the eyes shall we? I have gotten a lot of products for eyes, some good some bad. These are the good, if not great products!

IMG_0285 IMG_0289 IMG_0288

First things first, is this eyeshadow quad by Nicka K. First off the colors of these eyeshadows are beautiful, not to even mention the fact that they are pigmented and so creamy. I have been using this quad nonstop since I got it.

IMG_0349 IMG_0353 IMG_0351

One of my next favorites was this eyeshadow from The Balm. I love The Balm, whether it’s their blushes or eyeshadows almost all of their products are amazing! And this eyeshadow is no different. I love it and use it all the time.

IMG_0344 IMG_0341 IMG_0340

Another item that I truly love from my Ipsy bag was this eyeshadow duo from Pixi. I love using any products from Pixi, Their products are always pigmented and beautiful. I highly recommend anything from Pixi.

IMG_0345 IMG_0348 IMG_0346

Last, but certainly not least, for the eyes is this amazing gel eyeliner pencil. This is by far my favorite pencil eyeliner. It’s opaque and creamy. It’s by bellapierre which is an amazing brand, not too many people know about this brand but more should.

IMG_0358IMG_0359  IMG_0357

Starlooks, you can never go wrong with Starlooks! They almost always are just pigmented and beautiful. This lip gloss is no exception, I love it, and it smells like strawberry shortcake and looks beautiful over almost any lipstick or just by itself.

IMG_0362 IMG_0365 IMG_0363

Who doesn’t love Urban Decay? I got a clear lip liner and two samples of their lip gloss in failbait (purple) and bittersweet (pink). I love these products almost as much as I love their eyeshadows. Which in case you don’t know, I love their shadows a lot.

 IMG_0278 IMG_0281 IMG_0280

The next product is probably my favorite lip product at the moment. It’s this lipstick by Teeez cosmetics in the shade killing me softly. It’s this gorgeous corally-pink shade, its super pigmented, creamy and smooth. Love this lipstick!


All the ladies reading this who always have frustratingly frizzy hair please raise your hand! I have always struggled with frizzy hair and even though these are sample sizes they have really helped tame my mane.

IMG_0354 IMG_0356 IMG_0355

If you don’t own any brushes by crown brush, who are you and what are you doing with your life? These brushes are one the cheaper side and are great quality. This one is the oval concealer brush but I use it for eyeshadow. I highly recommend these brushes.


Then of course my favorite bag out of the 5 I have would have to be my “VIP VERY IMPORTANT PRODUCTS”  bag. It is just a good quality burlap kind of bag with such a cute design. It is just so adorable and I can also hold the most in it, so that is a plus!

*Ipsy is a monthly subsrciption that is $10 a month and comes with 4-5 full and sample size products in a cosmetics bag ranging from hair care, to makeup, and skincare.


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