Tester Tuesday!

I’m so sorry for the lack of blogs. School is starting soon and I have another vacation coming up, but anyway onto Tester Tuesday! Everyone gets those small testers all the time and I know I typically throw them away. Although after a while I just asked myself “why?” I mean why not try it out? A one and done if you know what I mean;) Except this was more like a week and done… enough with the long introduction! let’s begin shall we?

amiable charm 070

So for this Tester Tuesday I decided to review the Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara in black. Clinique is one of my all time favorite brands, I mostly own skin care products by them, so when I received this mascara I had high hopes. I like the packaging of this mascara a lot, it’s very simple not too much to it. However, at first glance in some sort of makeup store/stand I don’t think I would pick it out personally.

amiable charm 067

Now onto the product itself. When I first put this on at the beginning of the day I loved it! But as the day went on… this mascara made me look like a raccoon. It smeared EVERYWHERE. It was just awful, I was walking around the whole day and didn’t even notice. I was so embarrassed as soon as I got home I took it off.

amiable charm 068 amiable charm 069

In spite of the formula, the brush itself is amazing! It coated all of my lashes without making them clumpy, which I loved. So I decided to clean off the brush and put it in another mascara with a formula I love (Maybelline The Rocket Volume) and it became a dream! Okay, maybe that’s over doing it a little, but still.

I loved the brush of this mascara so much! Although the formula was not my favorite to say the least. I give this mascara an 7/10 only because the formula was just bad. If they changed it to not smear then I would be all about it.

amiable charm 066

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4 thoughts on “Tester Tuesday!

  1. I have this mascara too and I have to say I wasn’t the biggest fan of the formula as well. It didn’t hold a curl and smudged everywhere:( But I agree- the wand is amazing! I love it for the bottom lashes because it is so little.

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      1. I’ve tried a ton, haha! I tried an eyeshadow trio and loved it, as well as their Super City Block, which is amazing for day to day and has SPF 40. I love their chubby sticks as well.

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