NYX Love in Paris

I’m back with more makeup! I just have to ask how many of you guys get asked “how much makeup do you need?” I get asked that way too much and I just respond with a sassy “I don’t know. How much oxygen do you need to live? All of it!” lol anyway, today I am going to talk to you guys about the NYX Love in Paris palette!  IMG_0005

The packaging is basic, it’s good considering it’s from the drugstore. It’s nothing special to me.


Other than the packaging, LOOK AT THIS PALETTE! Ok, sorry, I’ll try to calm down. But seriously the colors are beautiful the only problem I have with this is that there are only two matte shades. Although they are all amazing.


Look at the pigmentation! They are awesome! They all go on so smoothly.


The pigmentation in the white matte shadow isn’t quite as nice as all of the other shadows. It’s also  kinda splotchy, like when I would use it on my brow bone it just didn’t go on too easily.


Although, the other matte (brown in the middle)  is AMAZING! I used it as a transition shade and I love it!

This palette was $8.99 (US) and I think if you are new to makeup and want a nice palette for cheap, or you just want to try something new at the drugstore I would definitely recommend this palette. However, does it compare to highend  eyeshadow? In my opinion, no. I just feel like drugtore makeup can’t quite compare to highend makeup.

I hope you all have an awesome week!


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