Tartelette in Bloom Palette


Ahh spring is here! And for all those day 1 people, you all know that this is my favorite season! What better way to represent spring then by buying a new palette am I right ladies and gents? So obviously you could tell by the picture and title of this blog post, that I am showing off what I think about the Tartellete in bloom palette by tarte! Alright I’ll stop rambling on and lets get started shall we!

Ok I’m just gonna say it this is  probably the most gorgeous palette I have. First of all look at all the colors… ALL OF THEM ARE SUPER USABLE  and they go together none the less. I can’t tell you how many palettes I have that I feel just don’t have eyeshadows that go together. Also there are three shimmery shades and the rest are matte which makes this palette perfect for all sorts of looks. I’m not sure if that made sense but we’ll just go with it!


I went by rows going down just in case anyone is a little confused. The shade on the top is a beautiful white sort of highlight shade perfect for your inner corner or even all over the lid called funny girl. This is the only shadow in the palette I’m not really fond of only because it has a lot of fallout, but other than that it’s an amazing eyeshadow just make sure to tap your brush off before you use it. The one under that is flower child, a very light brown really nice for your crease if you have a lighter skin tone but if you have a darker skin tone it might be slightly too light for you to wear. Then the last shade on the bottom is called charmer which is just a matte white shade which I am loving to use that under my brow bone.


These swatches are kind of hard to see, sorry! Although the shade on the top is called sweetheart and it’s a very pinky-brown shade which is probably my (dare I say) new favorite transition shade for my crease. I think it just looks really nice and pretty, I don’t know I like it. Anyway the next shade is smarty pants and I feel like is just your standard matte brown. To be honest I just don’t know how to describe it other than brown… any who! The last shade is jetsetter, a very gray toned brown also awesome for the crease. This shade really reminds me of the shade cover in the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette. A lot of crease colors in this palette if you’re getting the hint!


Continuing on the swatch train.. The shade on the top is rebel which is a gorgeous warm brown which is just stunning honestly you can put it in your crease if you’re going for a darker eye look. Then the next shade is a very stunning glittery brown shade which I have been using on my lid everyday since I got this palette. I am in LOVE with that shade its called firecracker. The bottom shade is rocker which is a really neat looking shade I would call it a shimmery tope sort of shade. I really like it, I think it just adds a bit of dimension to this palette.


Last but certainly not least, the last swatches! Top swatch is this maroon brown which is absolutely gorgeous like its name this matte shadow is the Leader. The next shadow is just a dark brown nice for the outer corner and is called activist. Ooo are you an activist? I just think the names of these shadows are so creative. Anyway, the last shadow is just your basic matte black not sure what else to say about it other than its name is Smokeshow.

Overall: This palette is a staple for me. First off the palette is stunning not just the shadows but the packaging is too. All of the shadows are super opaque to the point where you don’t even need that much on your brush to get amazing coverage. They’re super blendable and seem to stay in place well throughout the day. Even without an eyeshadow base! Which is pretty spectacular if you ask me. I would for sure recommend this palette to anyone and everyone, new in makeup or just looking for something to add to your collection, this palette is a necessity. Plus… The names for all the eyeshadows are so fun I just had to throw that in there.

Also I just wanted to say if you’re looking for a great high-end brand I HIGHLY recommend Tarte. From their blushes to their shadows and mascara. In my opinion I think they’re one of the better high-end brands that don’t brake your bank at least not as much as some of the other brands in Sephora.


I hope this post helped you guys out on deciding whether or not you would want this palette. Also make sure to follow me on Instagram @amiablecharm. I also want to start this new thing on my instagram where I just post pictures of people feeling good in their makeup and outfits. It doesn’t have to be anything special, but if you’re interested slide in my DM’s with the picture you look bomb af in! I hope everyone’s having a great Wednesday and I’m so so sorry for the late post! See y’all in the next blog!

3 thoughts on “Tartelette in Bloom Palette

  1. I want this palette too but I still havent even used my UD Gwen S. palette coz it’s just too pretty to use..HAHA I love all the shades in this palette very wearable!


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