The Ultimate Foundation?

If you’re into makeup then you no doubt know about one foundation in particular. The Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation. But how good is this stuff? I mean it’s raved about by so many famous beauty gurus on YouTube. Then it has to be good!… Right?

As a gift I received the foundation in the shade Y215. The packaging is really nice. I like how simple it is. Also thank the lord this thing came with a pump! there are so many foundations I like, but they don’t come with a pump and to me that’s like giving a kid a broken toy for their birthday… It’s not fun.

The foundation itself… I thought was pretty good. the coverage was nice, but the foundation is very liquidy. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I just was expecting there to be more coverage to the foundation. However, it is easy to build if you do want more coverage.

The foundation didn’t dry to a matte, it was more of a semi-matte in my opinion which is fine. I can just set it with a powder to be matte. The look on the skin was really great though! And to my surprise it did look even better on camera!


I liked the foundation I thought it went on easily, and looked really nice on the skin. I LOVED that it came with a pump! A+ for that! However, I wish there was more coverage to this foundation. Also I feel like I have to use a lot of this foundation whenever I use it and for $43 per bottle I don’t want to have to feel like I’m putting on $5 worth everytime. Which is why  I have to give it an 9 out of 10.

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